A project for a get-together of residents and refugees

We members of the IG Klettern Halle/Löbejün e.V.  like  to  get to know our new  neighbours. What about going climbing together? Climbing isn't just a perfect sport to develop confidence in your own abilities and those of the climbing partner. It also encourages the team spirit besides all language barriers.

We intend to form small climbing groups or partnerships between residents and refugees. By teaming up refugees can expand their social contacts and get to know the city of Halle by outdoor climbing. Besides, a cultural and language exchange is created.

This Project is addressed to IG members and refugees, as well as to other interested people of all ages. There is no need of experience in climbing or bouldering.

Group meetings

To get to know each other and to introduce the climbing sport we offer free climbing courses. The courses are taking place every

  • Sunday from 11 am to 1 pm (11-13)
  • Monday   from 3 to 5 pm (15-17)
  • Thursday from 3 to 5 pm (parents-kids-climbing)

at the Kletterthalia, Thaliapassage 3, 06108 Halle.

Participants need to bring some gym clothes. Climbing shoes can be borrowed for free. Since space in the climbing gym is limited, a notification for your attendance by e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. is desired.
At best partnerships and small groups are formed during these meetings, so they can go climbing together when the Kletterthalia is openend for public.

Tandem Partnerships

If you are interested in these get-togethers but don’t have time to come to our courses, you can sign up for a tandem partnership. Just send us an e-mail including your contact information (name, age, phone number) and at which times you are available. We try to assign a partner to you.


  • The climbing courses on Saturday, Monday and the Parents-Kids-Meetings are free of charge.
  • Instead of the regular entrance fee refugees get 10 entrances to the Kletterthalia for 1€ each.
  • Membership: The Kletterthalia is the gym of our association IG Klettern Halle /Löbejün. Therefore entering the gym without a membership is allowed only for 3 times. After these visits you have to join our club, the membership fee is 27€ for one year. To unburden interested refugees financially, we intend to fund most of the membership fee by donation.


To reduce the memerbship fee for refugees we need donation. You can donate a whole membership fee of 27€ or just a part of it-  every euro counts!
You can put the money you want to donate into the small box seated on the counter at the Kletterthalia. For a transfer on our bank account you can send us an email to get the account information.

You can also support us by donate some of your time: Join us on our weekly climbing courses and share your knowledge by climbing with beginners and friends.